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STP Operator

STP Operator

Monitoring the daily operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant and water facilities and the effluent quality of the treatment plant. Performing visual checksOf the plant, facilities, machinery, chemical levels, and related systems to ensure proper operation and to detect equipment failures, potential leaks, or other problems.

Preparing and scheduling manifests and emergency plans for sludge treatment, removal, transportation and disposal to an approved disposal area. Maintaining a log book to ensure that the sludge is analyzed for contents and that the volume is recorded. Ensures that the transport truck has the manifest, laboratoryresults and has adequate cover to avoid any leakage or spillage.

Coordinating and scheduling for periodic review, inspection and evaluation of wastewater treatment plant and water facilities to assure the plant and facilities are functioning properly and safely and in compliance with established regulations.

Keeping Water Well/Tank Supervisor and Environmental Compliance Department advised of the treatment operations, methods, working conditions, and activities through written, oral, and statistical reports.

Responding and assuring that employees, customers, and regulatory agency complaints and comments are followed up and resolved with the Water Well/Tank Supervisor.

Determining and planning current and future operational and maintenance needs of the wastewater treatment plant and water facilities to prepare annual capital and operation budgets.

Taking water samples and performs tests in accordance with established procedures.

Performing chlorine and fluoride and other field tests in accordance with established procedures.

Collecting special samples for special projects following required methods.

Conducting all job duties in a safety conscious manner that reflects safety for others as well as self in work habits and in carrying out assignments

Using Authority-owned equipment in a manner which subjects it to normal wear and tear.

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