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KST Service

KST Service

Clean and sanitize all kitchen equipment

Clean and sanitize all food storage areas, walk in fridges, freezers, ovens, freestanding hot and cold boxes and dry storage cupboards.

Clean and sanitize loading dock, council rubbish containers and all rubbish bins from food production and services areas.

Store all cleaned articles in the correct areas.

Remove stains from cutlery as required.

Polish chafing dishes for banquets, BBQ functions and prepare carving stations as required

Ensure all access and traffic areas are clear and clean.

Keep all equipment in the Steward's area in good condition.

Report any breakdowns in equipment to the Stewarding Supervisor.

Report all accidents and breakages to the Chief Steward, Team leader, or Chef in charge of that shift.

Report and/or take action on any equipment breakdown or safety issue relevant to your work area.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns
you may have. We’ll always be happy to assist.

  • +91 7889057259
  • info@v4s-facilities.com